Ancient bridges construction

The bridges used in the past to defeat the obstructions and provide a passage between two areas. In the beginning, the constructed bridges were very simple and rudimentary. Woods and rocks used to build a simple bridge with short span. Ancient Rome introduced a significant development in bridge construction. Romans built a considerable number of bridges. They used stones and arch system to build a large bridge. The estimated amount of the bridge was built by Romans is 931. Many of these bridge is still in good condition and some still opened for traffic.

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  • Arkadiko Bridge: one of the oldest bridges over the world. This bridge located in Greece. In the past it used to connect two ancient Greece cites and as a part of the military road system. This bridge was built in 1300 and 1190 BCE. Layers of stones used to create a bridge in an arch shape with an opening at the middle for draining water. The length of the bridge equal 22 meters with a width of 5.5 m and 4 m high. anciently 


  • Alcántara Bridge: Alcántara Bridge crossing Tagus river in Spain. This bridge dated back to 104 and 106 CE. And it was built by the Romans. The bridge possesses a long span of 194 m, 8 m wide and 71 m height. The bridge consists of 5 pillars and two supports. Arch system used to construct this bridge. 6 numbers of archs are supporting the span of this bridge. Alcantara bridge got damaged many times due to war and weather. The last repairing for Alcántara Bridge was in 1890. 

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bridge construction:How to become a bridge engineer

  • Bridge near Limyra: The bridge deemed as a great achievement at that time. A segmented arch bridge with a length of 360 m. Composed of 26 segments arches. Bridge near Limyra is a marvelous structure built by Romans. This bridge located in Lycia, in modern south-west Turkey. unfortunately large parts of this bridge buried by river sedimentation