Concrete Bonding Agent

Concrete bonding agent used for bonding fresh concrete to existing hardened concrete. the bonding agents can be used for existing horizontal or vertical concrete surfaces where the fresh concrete will be supported by formworks.

The bonding agent can be used at construction joint locations to ensure better adhesion between old and new concrete. in large structures such as bridge deck. the casting of the whole deck at one time is difficult and not practical. therefore, the deck divided into areas and each area casted separately.


Before applying the bonding agent, the existing concrete surface should be cleaned properly. all grease, loose concrete, plaster, oil, or any other dirt should be removed. furthermore, the surface of the concrete should be roughened by scrabbling or grit blasting.

The mixing and applying of bonding should be as per the manufacturer. the component of the bonding agent should be mixed properly. the bonding agent should be applied thoroughly on the existing surface.

The maximum overlay time of the material should be considered. the time between applying the concrete bonding agent and pouring the concrete should be lesser than the maximum overlay time. the material data sheet will contain all the information such as how to use the material, overlay time for different temperatures, storage of materials, and other important information.