Concrete repairing (Evaluate the Need to Repair)

Repairing concrete structures passing through several stages. Evaluate the need to repair damaged concrete structures is one of the concrete repairing stages. We should understand that not all damaged concrete structure requires immediate repairing. Determining if the structure needs immediate repairing or no depends on several factors. Clearly, immediate repair is necessary if the damage affects the structure safety and safe operation of the structure.

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bridge construction:How to become a bridge engineer Similarly, repairing should be performed if the deterioration or the rate of deterioration is progressing at a rate that will affect the structure service life in the future. Most of the concrete deterioration progressing at a slow rate. Early detection of concrete deterioration will help in reducing the cost of repairing. In some cases, the progressing rate of deterioration can be reduced or halted by implementing maintenance procedures, so the need for repairing is eliminated.

In fact, some types of concrete deterioration can be neglected. Cracking due to drying shrinkage and freezing and thawing is common on the downstream face of many old western dams. The repairing for such minimal and unsightly deterioration springs from cosmetic purposes only. We should know that such repairs may be more sightly and with lower durability of the existing concrete. Figure no: 1 showing freezing and thawing effects on the surface of the dam, the deterioration doesn’t require repairing, and it is not affecting structural safety or serviceability. On the other hand, structural or severe cracks due to freezing-thawing cycles and foundation settlements deterioration will require immediate repairing or at least future repairing of damaged concrete surface. Figure no:2 showing the severe deterioration of concrete structure due to freezing and thawing, this structure should be repaired long back. 


Repairing of concrete structure passing through different steps. Step one is determining the cause of damage, then determining the extent of damage, and this will be followed by identifying the need for repair. In these steps we investigate the damaged structure if our investigation shows that the damage is small and no need for repairing, the investigation, or the condition survey will be stopped. But if the structure is damaged and a major repair is required, a detailed condition survey should be prepared and documented. Such a survey will consist of a review of the plans, specifications, and operating parameters for the structure; determination of concrete properties; and any additional field surveys, engineering studies, or structural analysis required to fully evaluate the present and desired conditions of the structure.

construction management: concrete construction

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