Example 4: nominal moment for reinforced concrete beam with changing width

Determine Mn for beam in figure 1.if fy= 60,000 psi and f c’= 4000 psi. example2b4-2446229 construction management: concrete construction
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Assuming a>6 in, compressive block for each part with different width will be different as shown in figure 2 (f=0.85*fc’*b) 0.85fc’*a1*b1+0.85fc’*a2*b2+0.85fc’*a3*b3=As.fy 0.85*4000*3*6+0.85*4000*3*12+0.85*4000*a3*18=1.56*4*60,000 example2b42bmn-5070607

central for concrete compressive force resultant, Top of beam taken as a reference axis as shown in figure 3


Moment is an equal forcein magnitiude and opposit in direction multiplied by the perpendicular distance between force
Mn=6.24*60,000*(30-5.579)=9,143,222.4lb-in=762k-ft example2b42bmn2b2-8529314