Installation of anchors

Anchors can be installed for various reasons. Anchors can be conventional reinforcing bars or bolts. Widening an existing structure may require anchoring reinforcement to existing concrete members. The installation of such anchors or dowels will require competent persons and special grouting materials. The anchors may be installed to strengthen existing members. Anchors are not limited to reinforcement bars, anchoring of bolts to existing concrete is very common. Bolts can be anchored to fix signboards or expansion joints for bridge or building. 

There are different grouting materials used to anchor bolts, rods, or reinforcement. The manual book of these materials will contain the necessary information, such as the diameter and depth of drilling for different sizes. These tables are taken from the Fischer manual. Fischer is an excellent grouting material. The tables showing the dimension of holes, the spacing between holes, and the edge of the concrete, also the minimum thickness of the concrete member. The dimension of the hole shown in this table is the diameter of the hole, drill hole depth, and effective anchorage depth. The effective anchorage depth value should be within the range shown in this table. anchor-1347867

The procedure for installing anchors will be as follow. The first step is to drill the hole. The drilling can be done by hammer drilling, hollow drill bit, or diamond drill bit. After the completion of drilling the holes to the required dimension, the anchor hole shall be flushed with clean water until it flows clear. Then, we need to blow the hole with air to ensure that no more debris or dust inside the hole.
Moreover, we should brush the hole using a suitable steel brush. After ensuring that the hole is clean, we can prepare our grout dispenser and cartridge. The hole shall be filled with grout. We should approximately fill 2/3 of the hole with grout. The filling of grout shall start from the bottom of the hole to avoid the formation of bubbles. The final step is to install the anchors. We need to make sure that the anchors are clean before inserting it. The installation of anchors will be performed by pressing the anchors inside the hole and turning it slightly while doing it. Before loading the anchors, we need to wait the curing time specified in the material datasheet.

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