prestressing equipment

1.Jacks: there are two types of jacks:
picture2-5993294 B. Multi strands jack: in the bridge where tendons consist of a large number of strands it is impracticable to use mono strand jack because it will take longer time and it will increase the probability of strands trapping.  So, in this case, we stress all strands in each tendon one-time using multi-strand jack. picture4-2589651picture3-8180553 Jack calibration: jacks shall be calibrated periodically. Calibration for jacks is very important because the pressure recorded by jack own gauge is different from actual. So in this calibration shall be done to acquire correction factor.  picture5-8256013 2. Master gauge: gauge shall be attached to jacks to measure accurate reading of jacks pressure. It shall be calibrated periodically.  picture6-5974776 construction management: concrete construction
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