Safety Engineer

Safety should be the top priority at every project or establishment. Safe work should be implemented in every industry, such as construction, manufacturer, food, medical sectors, and others. The safety team is the front line defense in every construction project. The safety team always working on three approaches. The education of the construction team is the first approach.

The safety engineer usually delivering a daily toolbox and weekly or monthly safety meeting. Toolbox talks aim to increase the awareness of workers regarding safe work procedures. Moreover, safety meetings will be held to discuss different safety issues, any site observation, how to close these unsafe observations, and how to improve the safe work system. 


Figure 1

The second approach is the implementation of a safe work system to prevent the occurrence of injury or fatalities. Safety engineers should implement the hierarchy of controls. The control measures sequence should be, as shown in figure no:1. We should follow the order of this sequence, as shown in figure no:2. First, safety engineers will try to eliminate the hazard of work activity. If the hazard of work activity can not be eliminated, then we should substitute the hazard work practice or machine with a low or hazardous work practice or machine.

The next control measure is isolation. If the elimination and substitution of a hazard can not be done, we resort to the isolation of the hazard source; an example of this is the placing of a concrete barrier at road edge to protect workers from vehicles.

The control measures will also include engineering controls, administrative control, and the last measure is PPE (personal protective equipment). It the safety and project team obligation to implement the following control measure to avoid the occurrence of injuries or fatalities. 


Figure 2

The last approach is the investigation of incidents or accidents. The Incident can be defined as an unexpected event that may result in property damage but does not result in an injury or illness.

On the other hand, an unexpected event that may result in property damage, and does result in an injury or illness to an employee. The safety team will investigate every Incident and accident. The purpose of the investigation is to understand the reason for the occurrence of these events and to improve the safe work system. Therefore safety is a progressive process.

The investigation should always be performed to improve the work system and to reduce and prevent the occurrence of any similar incident or accident in the future. Safety should be a priority at each construction project. we all need to go home safe to our families after a long working day.

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