Tremie pipe for piles

Tremie pipe can be defined as segments of steel pipe. These segments will be connected together and used to cast a drilled pile foundation. Using of tremie pipe will prevent the segregation of concrete. Tremie pipe will ensure that the concrete is not thrown from a huge height. As we know, placing the concrete from any distance higher than 1.5 m can cause concrete segregation. Therefore, tremie pipes are used. The tremie pipe segment will be connected to a length equal to pile length. Then it will be lowered to the bottom of the pile hole. Figure no:1 shows a tremie pipe inserted inside the casing and steel cage of a pile before beginning with the concerting of the pile.  img_20200504_094846749_hdr-6747175
We should always ensure that the tremie pipe external diameter is suitable. We should ensure that the tremie pipe doesn’t clash with the steel cage or any spacer blocks. Also, we should make sure that the internal diameter of the tremie pipe is sufficiently bigger than the maximum size of concrete aggregates. The pouring of concrete through tremie can be done by a funnel or by attaching the pump hose to the tremie pipe. It is recommended to attach the pump hose to the tremie pipe. Attaching the pump hose to the tremie pipe will result in reducing the effort and time of placing concrete. Also, the pump pressure will help in flushing the sediments from the hole bottom. After the completion of pile casting, we should hammer the tremie pipe. We hammer the tremie pipe to remove any concrete from inside the tremie pipe and to keep the tremie pipe clean for the next concrete placement.  img_20200504_103739926-9032810